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Nine Tail
RO NineTail
Class Normal
Level 72 (RO)
31 (RO2)
Size Medium
Type Brute (RO)
Demon (RO2)
Element Fire (RO)
Poison (RO2)
Natural Habitat Payon Cave, Payon Forest

Nine Tail is a smart fox of nine tails. It has rumored to shapeshift into a Norman, but the theory hasn`t been proven.[1][2]

A fox with nine tails, it looks just like a regular fox but has nine lush tails. Nine Tail is a magical fox that has slowly absorbed the forest's magic for a long period of time. It is said that they can become Norman once every one thousand years.[3]

Ragnarok Online II

In RO2, the Nine Tail is a regular field mob that can be found around the Payon region. If DNA fragments are collected from Nine Tail, players can temporarily summon it via the Monster Summoning System.


  • Nine Tail is based on the mythological creature that appears in many Asian folklore, most notably that of China and Japan.[4]

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