Nuri and Seri

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Nuri and Seri
Nuri Seri.jpg
Nuri and Seri wishing Iris a Happy Birthday.


Male (Nuri) and Female (Seri)






Iris Irine

First Appearance

Volume 2 (Ragnarok)

Nuri and Seri are two children from Payon who hang out with Chaos and Iris very often. They appear to be around the age of 10. Nuri has a crush on Iris while Seri wishes to compete with Iris for Chaos' affection.[1] It is unknown if they are blood relations or simply friends.

Story[edit | edit source]

On Iris' 18th birthday, Nuri and Seri eagerly greet the two with Nuri offering a basket of eggs while Seri gives Iris a note challenging Iris to a duel. Shortly after, Lord Irine asks to speak to Iris while Lady Irine offers them snacks to distract them. When Payon falls under attack, Nuri and Seri are threatened by Sakray. Lady Irine tries to protect them from Sakray, but was no match for his sword. They were last seen trying to free Chaos and Lidia from a stopping spell. It's assumed they were killed in Nidhoggr's attack.[2]

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