Octopus Festival

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Octopus Festival
RO OctopusFestival.png
Doram cats enjoying the festival.
Participants Dorams
Date Annual
Location Malangdo

The Octopus Festival is an annual event that takes place on Malangdo. Every year, Giant Octopuses are hunted down for their tentacles to be cooked into Takoyaki.

Participating in the Event[edit | edit source]

  • Bring Fresh Octopus Leg to Mimyo in Malangdo (/navi malangdo 206/145). Once Mimyo receives enough Fresh Octopus Legs from the server, the festival begins. The festival lasts until the supply of Fresh Octopus Legs runs out and Mimyo requests another round of them.
  • If the festival is taking place, players can receive 10 Takoyaki from Well-Roasted Octopus Leg or Delicious-Looking Food (/navi malangdo 165/131) every 30 minutes. Players do not have to turn in Fresh Octopus Legs in order to receive Takoyaki.
  • The amount of Fresh Octopus Legs that Mimyo requests corresponds to the current year. So if the current year is 2014, Mimyo will require 2014 Fresh Octopus Legs in order to start the event.

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