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Okrestnosti of Moskovia
Level 65 - 90
RO OkrestnostiOfMoskovia.jpg
The Charabel docked at the only pier in the area.
Race forest monsters
Affiliation Moskovia
Location Somewhere in the ocean
Technical Name(s) mosk_fild01, mosk_dun01, mosk_dun02, mosk_dun03

Okrestnosti of Moskovia is a forgotten Moskovian land that can only be accessible by riding Whale Island to it.

The region consists of three forests, each of which contains a variety of monsters, both animal and mythical. Milestones with warnings written upon them mark the boundary between each forest.

Les Forest

Les Forest is the closest forest to the sea. Many peaceful monsters reside here so adventurers can traverse the forest without worry. As this forest is located in the sunnier area of Okrestnosti, fruit is abundant here.

Temny Forest

Temny Forest can be found deeper into Okrestnosti. More aggressive monsters call this forest their home so caution must be taken in order to survive.

Dremuci Forest

Dremuci Forest is located in the deepest part of Okrestnosti and is home to the dreaded 3-headed dragon Gopinch. His lair is located in the northeast area of the forest.