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Old Purple Box
The item's info window.
Type Storage Item
Effects Gives a random weapon, gear, useable or misc item.
Weight 20
Source Quests, monster drops
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell 5,000 Zeny

An old purple box holding contents that are a mystery until it is opened.

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  • Patch (2011 Mar. 30)
    • Old Purple Boxes, Old Blue Boxes, Gift Boxes, Advanced Weapon Boxes, and items from the Jewelry Box will be added and reconstructed.
  • RO-minilogo.png Episode 12 (2007 Oct. 17)
    • Updated the items obtainable through the Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box, Old Card Album, and Jewelry Box.
  • Patch (2004 Jan. 13)
    • Old Blue Boxes, Old Purple Boxes, and Old Card Albums can not be opened if the character has 90% weight or more. It can be opened after reducing the weight.