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The symbol of the Orc race.

Orcs are a huge tribe in Midgard. They are brutal fighters who view Normans as their enemy. They seem able to forge weapons and armor as orcish axes, bows, swords, and helms can be collected from them upon defeat.

Their home, the Orc Village is located south of Geffen.



Orcs have apparently gone to war with Normans, although the reasons as to why are unknown.[1]


Orcs are bigger than Normans in both size and strength. Their skin is mainly green, although advanced orcs do feature a blue hue to their skintone. Male Orcs are typically bald while female Orcs have long black hair. Both genders tend to have a noticable underbite to their face that show their fangs.

Job Classes


  • The concept of orcs was born in J.R.R. Tolkien's writings.[2]


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