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Level none
Photographic depiction of Payon.
Type Village
Race Norman
Government Village
Rulers Lord Irine (Age of Gods)
unknown male (Current)
Faiths The Constellations (Age of Gods)
unknown (Current)
Location Southeast of Rune-Midgarts

Payon (Korean: 페이욘) is an immense village built on the edge of a mountain. The city is safe from outside invaders with the blessing of being surrounded by forests. Their unique architecture reflects the use of wood only available in their surrounding forests.

The Archer Village and the Hunter Guild are in the vicinity and there is word going around that monster forms of tigers and nine-tailed fox appear in the forest and caves.[1] (The Hunter Guild has since relocated to the town of Hugel for unknown reasons.)

In the English release of Ragnarok, Payon is mistranslated as Fayon.


Payon is located on a mountain next to the ocean. Thick forests border the village on one side while steep cliffs overlooking a raging river border the other side. Bridges of brick and stone span across the chasm between Payon and the land across the river. Not only do the bridges provide a means of travel to other towns, they also serve as defense mechanisms with turrets lining the walls.

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The lord of the village is seen and respected as the leader. Any blood offspring that the lord and his wife conceives has the opportunity to inherit the lordship and the village if the gods approve, regardless if the offspring is male or female.

During the Age of Gods, Lord Irine is the village leader. As his only child, Iris is next in line to rule over the village.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In A.W. 997, Sarah Irine leads an attack upon Payon in order to exact her revenge on the village. During Sarah's attack, Chaos accidentally summons the great dragon Nidhoggr and destroys the town. (The mountain it resided on still stood.)

Some time later, Payon was rebuilt and a new village leader was appointed. The discovery of the Payon Cave led to a terrible invasion of undead upon new Payon. The Archer Association was formed to defend against the undead and the small Archer Village was constructed in order to stem the flow of undead going into the main village.

About 300 years after the Age of Gods ended, Payon was suddenly devastated by the appearance of a Dimensional Gap in the midst of the Payon Forest. Any Payon villagers that survived the destruction have since formed a refugee camp on the other side of the forest and currently live there. All that is left of the Payon region is the section of the Payon Forest near the former Sograt Desert.


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Ragnarok Online

  • Patch (2004 Sept. 21)
    • Payon village is redeveloped. For all users, please exit at the end of the game (not in Payon Village) so as not to get caught up in the massive construction in Payon Village. The new Payon will be more Korean and more magnificent. Also, only the warp locations of Payon Village saved as "/memo" of Priest will be initialized. If you saved them in Payon Village, please save them again after regular inspection time. Thank you for your understanding that we have been inconvenienced temporarily for the renovation of Payon.

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