Prontera Chivalry

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Prontera Chivalry
Level none
RO PronteraChivalry.jpg
The chivalry of Prontera.
Race Norman
Affiliation Rune-Midgarts
Location Within Prontera
Technical Name(s) prt_in

The Prontera Chivalry is the central location of the Order of the Knights. It is where Rune-Midgarts citizens go to become Knights. It is also the only location for knights to rent their Peco Peco mounts and the only location to hire spearman mercenaries.

Ragnarok Online II[edit | edit source]

The new headquarters of the Prontera Knightage.

In Prontera's reconstruction in the Neu Era, the new chivalry does not possess a second floor like the previous one. In addition, it no longer rents out Pecopeco mounts to its knights, nor does it hire out spearman mercenaries.