A Traveler's Guide to Mjolnir Mountains
Start Guard Commander
End Guard Commander
Prerequisites none
Level 8
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
A Traveler's Guide to Mjolnir Mountains none


Acquire 1 Stone of Trial from the Nature Watcher and bring it to the Guard Commander.


"But, if the 'one' doesn't lead the Brownies.

There is a Brownie called the 'Nature Watcher'. It is said that it absolutely loves the environment. Well, up to this point it seems to be 'nature loving, easy going and peaceful' being, but it doesn't seem to be so. It dedicates its life to protect the environment, so it attacks all who are a threat to nature. There were even some who were beat up by the monster for stepping on a leaf. And it can never be slain.

There is only one way, to steal the Stone of Trials it carries. These stones are passed on to Brownies that have come to age and they consider it blasphemy to lose it. Those who lose this stone hide in the deepest parts of the forest. If it cannot be killed, it's best to make it go away. If we can make the Nature Watcher run away, the other Brownies will follow suit. Now, go get its Stone of Trials!"



"Defeat the Nature Watcher and bring its Stone of Trials."


"Oh, thank you so much!! The Nature Watcher is no easy foe!

Are you the one who saved the Saintess? Magnificent!

Now we won't have Brownies attacking travelers around here. Thank you again!!"

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