Acolyte Job Change
RO AcolyteJobQuest
Inside the Prontera Church.
RO FatherMareusis
RO FatherMareusis
Prerequisites Must be a Novice
Level Job Level 10
Location Prontera
Rewards Job change to Acolyte
Previous Next
none Acolyte Training
Priest Job Change
Monk Job Change


Advance from a Novice to an Acolyte


"What is it that you seek?

[Father, I want to be an Acolyte.]

Do you truly wish to become a servant of Odin?

[Yes Father, I do.]

Good. I accept <name>'s will to become an Acolyte. You understand that you must do penance before you can become a servant of Odin, right?

Well, I will give you a mission..."


  • You will be sent to look for one of 3 Ascetics: Mother Marthilda, Father Yosuke, and Father Rubalkabara. The Ascetic you must visit is chosen at random.
  • Once you talk to the Ascetic, you will be saved at their location. This means that if you die or use a Butterfly Wing, you will return to the NPC's spot instead of your previous save point.



"Oh, you've come back. Let me check and see if you are ready to serve Odin. Let's see...

Hmm... Your name is on the list and you've proven your qualification. I am proud to say that you are now ready to become an Acolyte!

Always remember to be thankful to Odin, who is taking care of us all this time. Always use your gifts to serve Him by helping others. In chaos and in times of difficulty, face your hardships with unwavering faith."

Lastly, I want to sincerely congratulate you on persevering through your trial of penance."

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