Acolyte Training
RO AcolyteTrainingQuest
Inside the Prontera Church.
Start RO Praupin
End RO Asthe
Prerequisites Must be an Acolyte, 5 Decayed Nails
Level none
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
Acolyte Job Change none


Learn the basics of being an Acolyte.


"Welcome, little one. Fate must have brought us together so that we'd meet today. It's nice to meet you.

But I am concerned that you may not know what to do as an Acolyte from here on..."

[What should I do?]

"There is a convent northeast of Prontera called the Saint Capitolina Convent. Go there and look for Sister Asthe. She is a sweet and gentle soul who has much to teach you.

I look forward to seeing you become a better Acolyte after learning from Sister Asthe's instructions. If you like, I can send you to the convent."

[Go to the convent.]

"Please say hello to Sister Asthe for me.

Have a safe trip, little one..."


  • If you are planning to be a Monk, you can leave this quest unfinished until ready to job change. That way, you will have a free and easy warp to the Monastery when you're ready to change.
  • WARNING: Sister Asthe will lend you a Mace[3], which she'll ask to be returned later. If you are carrying another Mace, such as one that is carded, upgraded, or forged, she may take the wrong one. Make sure you are carrying only one Mace (the correct one you wish to return) before agreeing to return it to her.
  • There is an NPC named Gloria at the abbey that stands beside some crosses; she provides free transport back to Prontera.



"Ho ho~ Well, that's all I have to teach you. It may have been rough, but you did a good job.

Oh! If you go back to Prontera Sanctuary, I believe you can learn a secret skill. It couldn't hurt to stop by and check.

Well, please don't forget what I've taught you. I hope you look back with fondness at our time together among these beautiful flowers.

May Odin bless you~"

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