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Age of Mining
Start Unions Window
End Butler Carbernet
Prerequisites none
Level 50
Location Unions Window
Rewards Union Points
Previous Next
none none


Mine the rare Nephrite Ore in the South Plain, the Divided Plain and Berta Delta, and then deliver them to Cabernet, the butler of Trade Master Onasis.


Hello. I am Cabernet, butler of Trade Master Onasis.

Do you know of the Nephrite Ore? It is an expensive item unique to the Midgard continent. It can be manufactured into jewels or even weapons.

Anyhow! I will grateful if you could get some Nephrite Ores for me. Nephrite Ore can be found in the South Plain, the Divided Plain and Berta Delta. It is very rare, so be sure to remember the location once you've found some.

When you are done, come to me, Cabernet, at the Merchant Union Office.


  • This quest can be acquired again 6 hours after completion.



"It must've been tough to find some. Good work. They say Nephrites aren't found on other continents. It is the new trend for crafting. It is the main profit route of the Merchant Union!"

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