Antidote Seeker
Start Professor Fritz
End Warehouse Keeper Reto
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Elemento Academy
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
Equipment Repair Antidote Seeker


Purchase a Novice Blue Potion from the potion seller and deliver it to the Academy Warehouse Keeper.


"Next we're going to hunt Hornets and Overlooker Hornets.

Hmm... before we do, we must do something else first. Hornets have toxic stingers that could get you poisoned, so we'll need antidotes. I bet the Academy Warehouse Keeper will have some. Not for free, of course, but I believe there is a great need for him to produce Novice Blue Potions. You can either buy or receive one from a friend or get it from monsters. You just need to have it.

Get one and give it to Warehouse Keeper Reto and ask for some antidote."


  • 205 Base EXP
  • 43 Rupi


"Hmm? What's with the Blue Potion?

What does Master Fritz want this time?"

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