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Assassination of the Desert Freyjanity
Start Unions Window
End Secret Agent Moriella
Prerequisites none
Level 50
Location Unions Window
Rewards Union Points
Previous Next
none none


Assassinate Poisona in the northeast part of Road of Blessings. If you are caught by Freyjanity High Warriors, High Illusionists or High Apostles near Poisona, the assassination fails. Slay Poisona and report to Secret Agent Moriella at the Nomad Shelter of the Road of Blessings.


We have received information that there is someone leading the Freyjanity northeast of the Road of Blessings. According to the information, they are considering that place a bridgehead for the attack on Morroc. Members are to head to the Road of Blessings immediately and assassinate the leader of the Freyjanity there named Poisona. This one has a similar name to another in Maple Forest, possibly family members. You must not be seen by other Freyjanity members to avoid the incident from getting out of hand.

Report to Secret Agent Moriella at the Nomad Shelter of the Road of Blessings once you are done. Over and out.


  • This quest can be acquired again 12 hours after completion.



"You've completed the mission?

Let's see……. Assassination of Poisona at the Road of Blessings. You've done well on a tough mission.

Good, I accept this mission accomplished. Good job."

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