Auto Berserk
RO AutoBerserkQuest
Inside the refinement shop.
Start RO Juan
End RO Juan
Prerequisites Must be a Swordsman, 10 Decayed Nails, 10 Honey, 10 Horrendous Mouths, 35 Powder of Butterfly
Level Job 30
Location Prontera
Rewards Skill
Previous Next
none none


Learn how to use Auto Berserk from Juan.


"Oh no, you have more injuries since the last time I saw you.

You went into battle like this? Seems like you are straining yourself. Even though you may have a lot of strength, you can't do much when you reach your limits so don't overestimate your power.

Of course, you could always use the skill we developed to overcome those limits."

[Eh! What are you talking about?]

"The skill is called Auto Berserk. It is deemed the flower of the battlefield. When your health is in the red, your hidden potential provokes you to help you in battle. It is perfect for those that fight like fire on the battlefield. With your abilities, you can learn this skill right now.

Then, I shall tell you the necessary materials.

You need 35 Powders of Butterfly. The energy from the magnificent wings of a butterfly will help you gather your strength. And 10 Horrendous Mouths, and 10 Decayed Nails. And last, but not least... 10 Honey!

Did you get all that down? As always, please come back when you're ready. I look forward to seeing you again."



"Okay then. You have just become a Swordsman that can use Auto Berserk. You can go about and achieve great things!

Good luck!

... Oh yeah. I forgot to mention. There are some things you must keep in mind. Once you regain health, this skill will subside. Also, there isn't really a time limit, but it can still disappear when it is countered with a skill that can nullify Provoke. If you don't remember these characteristics, you may run into some problems on the battlefield when the skill disappears all of a sudden.

Then... bye for real..."

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