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Avant's Back
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Inside Bifrost Tower.
Mayor Jun Kardui
Prerequisites none
Level 120
Location Eclage
Rewards Experience
Previous Next
Kardui's Big Brother Wuhari's Concern
Eliminating Risks
Promising Tomorrow
Unending Hunt
Demon God Subjugation


Put a stop to Avant and Shinaim's plan.


"I see they are tightening the guard around the Orb... and I feel like I forgot about something..."

[About the Chief of Staff.]

"Oh, right! The Chief of Staff! How could I have forgotten about her? I was too focused on Avant that I totally forgot about her.

The Chief of Staff doesn't know that Avant is imprisoned. If she's the one pulling the wires from behind, she'll be worried by now..."

[Should I go and check on her?]

"Thanks for suggesting. Please, help us out. It doesn't look good for Kar or I if we go and handle it ourselves. Especially if Kar does so, other Laphines might misunderstand him. Prejudice can be very hurtful."


  • At one point, you have the choice to either ask Kardui or go along with Shinaim's plans. Going along with Shinaim's plans will progress the quest quicker while talking to Kardui will extend the quest by an extra step.
  • You must be in a party in order to enter the instance in this quest. You have 20 minutes to complete it.


  • 500,000 Base EXP
  • 400,000 Job EXP
  • Blessing Lv. 1

In Progress

"Since you had interactions with the Chief of Staff constantly, it'll be easier for you to approach her. Although Kar is Mayor Jun, he might be the one with the least power throughout history. Most Laphines want Kar to just keep the information inherited from all the previous Mayor Juns and pass them on to the next Mayor Jun quietly. Whenever he tries to do something, there is always a lot of resistance.

Kar doesn't have many people on his side, so I want you to be a help to him. I'll leave the Chief of Staff to you. If you find out something, return to where Kar is."


"A dead body with a hole...

The Chief of Staff was manipulated, too. Her name was Shinaim, right? Then what might have been the original name of the Chief of Staff? How is it possible that no one knows it? Is this because of our mental laziness and carelessness?

I have to stay alert myself. The corpse of the Chief of Staff will help in imposing my will on others. It may be tough, but from now on, I'll prepare to fight against the king of demons. That's the best I can do now.

You've been a great help all this time. Will you stay as my friend, now and forever? May the blessing of Yggdrasil be upon you..."

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