Basic Medical Botany
RO BasicMedicalBotanyQuest
Inside the Criatura Academy's Dispensary.
Start RO Therapist
End RO Therapist
Prerequisites Be a registered student at the Royal Criatura Academy
Level none
Location Izlude
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
none none


Talk to the Therapist about the Red Herb Quest.


"Have you investigated the growing plants in the fields? Red Plant, Blue Plant, Green Plant, White Plant, etc... You can get different-colored herbs from the various plants. Processing herbs can become various useful potions.

Now, shall we collect Red Herbs with your hands? A Red Plant is growing near the Academy building. I secretly planted it for today. Go and get 1 Red Herb."


  • This quest is only available to Novices that have registered at the Academy. Once you job change, you can't accept the quest anymore.
  • If you already have a Red Herb in your Inventory, you don't need to go outside to harvest the Red Plant.



"Why don't you learn about the virtues of herbs? Bring 1 Red Herb by beating the growing Red Plant near the Academy building. You can find it near the entrance of the Academy."


"You got it. You can eat this herb and get the benefits of it immediately, but it would be more efficient if you make it into a potion. Herbs vary their virtues according to their color: Green Herbs detox you; Blue Herbs recover your SP...

Any other? Well, this Red Herb can recover your HP. Like this... Make it into nectar and put it into a bottle... And it becomes the recovering potion that you can take anywhere, anytime. I will give it to you as a souvenir and also give you the recipe to make potions easily. This is the book for simple combination of potions. You can make it easily by using the Combination Kit or cooking tool. Not only potions, but also other easily attainable things can be turned into various tools. Please make use of them.

For practice in making it, I give you a Red Herb and one Apple. How about making it with the combination kit?"

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