Battle Arena Entry
RO BattleArenaEntryQuest
Somewhere in Kunlun.
RO SongMaoTou
RO SongMaoTou
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Kunlun
Rewards Battle Arena Entry
Previous Next
none none


Beat Song Mao Tou the Iron Man's strength challenge.


(grunt) "Hey... You look like you've seen your fair share of battles.

Hmm... show me your strength. If you've got the stuff, then maybe we can be pals."

[You're on.]

"Haha! Alright! I knew you'd be up for a challenge!

Okay, see that pile of rocks over there? See if you can pick that up.


Song Mao Tou points to a pile of rocks and asks you to lift them.


  • If you fail, you'll either have to take some items off your character or get some STR.
  • If you succeed, you'll be left with many Stones that you can just stick in storage or drop on the ground.


  • Entry to Battle Arena


You life the Stones easily.


... Oh man, you ARE strong!

You can only be that strong by fighting a lot... And to fight that much, you've gotta love it...

Say... Do you like fighting?!"


"Finally, I've found someone who likes to punch things and beat stuff up just as much as I do!

I know a great place where we can fight as much as we want! Talk to me sometime and we'll head over to the Battle Arena! We'll have a great time~!"

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