Be a Wizard
Start Lucy Amliss
End Lucy Amliss
Prerequisites none
Level 25
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
Spell Failure none


Meet Lucy at Prontera Palace.


"Actually, I was watching when you were enchanting the spell. Your understanding of magic is very high. I also watched you fight the demon, which showed that you won't be beat by a Magician.

So, I want you to be a Wizard. I won't accept no for an answer. Didn't I say that you are also responsible? Don't try and deny my kindness to pardon your deeds and allow you to become a Wizard. Should you refuse, I shall submit an official order to the kingdom and put you in jail.

Anyway, I'll be waiting at the Palace. Got it?"


  • Notice: If you wish to become a Wizard, talk to Lucy again and select the Change Job button at the bottom.



"Chop chop!"


"You’re here. I spoke to you in a threatening tone before, but I highly value your skills. I believe you can achieve more by becoming a Wizard. So be happy about it. Now let’s start the ritual.

Wind flows, clouds flow
Water flows, fire flows
You exist within the flow of the universe
I, Lucy Amliss, take you in
<name> is thus Lucy Amliss
Thus your flow carries

… Hmm, that’s that. Now, I look forward to what you do and remember that I’m always watching."

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