Brick Delivery Mission
RO BrickmakingMissionQuest
In the middle of Morocc.
RO SuppliesDepartmentBrickTeam
RO RewardCoordinator
Prerequisites 100 Bricks
Level 80
Location Morocc
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
none none


Deliver 100 Bricks to contribute to the restoration of Morocc.


"Good day. I'm here to collect bricks and send them in batches to the castle construction site on a regular basis. I need help to send 100 bricks each time I receive an order from the construction site. Can you help me?"


"Let me see if I've received a new order for bricks.

Yes, there it is. Good, your destination is the central castle. Take as many bricks as you can carry from that pile of bricks and bring them to the construction site. The order amount is 100 bricks. You don't have to take them all at once if you can't."


  • You can't accept this quest if you have Brickmaking Mission active.
  • This quest can be repeated after 3 hours.
  • Bricks can be collected from the Piled Bricks objects that are activated by the Brickmaking Mission quest.
  • Brick is very heavy (200 weight) so you can only transport a little at a time.
  • You can check the Brick Recipient in the material stockyard to see how many bricks you've delivered.



"So, um... I'm... I think I'm sent here to... to... Let me think... Oh yes, to support the Morocc restoration work. How may I help you?"

[I came to claim the rewards for the work I've done.]

"Oh, you did. So what have you done for us?"

[Brick delivery.]

"According to this record, you've delivered over 100 bricks. Thank you for your contribution. Keep up the good work."

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  • RO-minilogoEpisode 15.1 (2013 Jul. 02)
    • Quest removed for storyline consistency.