Cautious Village
RO CautiousVillage
At the docks of Malaya.
RO Rodel
RO PhongInMumbaki(quest)
Prerequisites 6 Holy Water, 6 Blue Gemstone
Level none
Location Malaya
Rewards Experience, Access
Previous Next
none Malaya Quests


Earn the trust of the Malayans.


"Traveling at such confusing times? Villagers have been feeling more threatened by evil spirits recently. They're scared and trembling with fear. So... the citizens of Port Malaya will feel uncomfortable around you, even though there are not hard feelings toward you. Inns and shops may be closed to outsiders.

There is no definite solution to this, but you might want to meet Phong in Mumbaki first. if the village leader gives his confirmation, other people might be less worried.

I will mark on the map the location of Phong in Mumbaki. I welcome your visit though the times are harsh."


  • It may be a bug but it seems it is only required to speak to 5 of the 6 NPCs. However, the Holy Water and Blue Gemstones must still be delivered to all 6 later on.


  • 200,000 Base EXP
  • 200,000 Job EXP
  • Ability to speak with Port Malaya NPCs and use town facilities


"Did you give out your presents to everyone? By doing this, you made friends with everyone in town.

I found ways to build spiritual protection. My grandchild Imelda will create it. So don't worry, you don't have to give out any more of your things."

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