Charge Attack
RO PlayDeadQuest
Inside the Prontera Chivalry.
Start RO EsofeitLigeia
End RO EsofeitLigeia
Prerequisites Must be a Knight, 5 Candy Canes, 3 Witherless Roses
Level Job 40
Location Prontera
Rewards Skill
Previous Next
none none


Learn how to use Charge Attack from Esofeit.


"Greetings, I am Esofeit Ligeia of the 7th Division of the Prontera Chivalry. As a proud Knight upholding the principles of honor and chivalry, I am at your service. May I ask which division you are from?

Ah, you're a Knight that's been granted royal permission to journey as you please. That must be great, the freedom you have. Sadly, the division of which I am member is too bureaucratic. I believe that my comrades are more concerned with their pensions than with chivalry or defending the weak. Even if we wanted to be more active, there are too many regulations that hamper the good we do. Over time, the situation has grown much worse.

But don't take my word for it. Perhaps it would be better if you visited the 7th Division for yourself and speak to the other Knights that are training. Hopefully, you will see what I have seen for a long time..."



"Hmm, why don't you take a tour of the 7th Division and see the attitude of my comrades for yourself? You'll see Grandmaster Maroujie training the recruits outside."


"I hope you make good use of the Charge Attack skill. Just like you, I will be doing my best to bring honor to the knighthood with my strength and courage!"

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