Counteragent and Mixture
RO CounteragentAndMixtureQuest
Inside the Alberta mansion.
RO Louitz
RO Morgenstein
Prerequisites 1 Detrimindexta, 1 Karvodailnirol, 1 Alcohol
Level none
Location Alberta
Rewards Crafting
Previous Next
none none


Unlock Morgenstein's chemical-mixing services.


"Heya. What's up?"


"When I was in Geffen looking for magic items, I heard rumors of this really crazy scientist guy. So I got curious, asked around, and eventually found this guy.

Boy, oh boy, this guy was screwy. He didn't even know I was there the whole time and just kept mumbling this mumbo jumbo while working on his experiments. Words like, um...

Yeah, he kept mumbling words like 'Karvodailnirol' and 'Detrimindexta.' The first time I heard it, I thought it was just crazy talk, you know? But it turns out this Karvodailnirol and Detrimindexta actually exist. I think they're special liquids that don't work quite like any liquids we're used to."




"Heeheeheehee... welcome. Hehehehe... heeheeheeheehee...

Ah...?! So sorry if I weirded you out. It's just... I haven't seen a living person in soooo long. So, er, what can I do for you?"

[Ask about his research.]

"Heeheeheeheee... You must have heard the rumors about my research. Yes! But since you probably know already, I'll tell you without hiding, I mean, there's nothing to hide.

Actually, you can say my research is complete! Nothing's impossible for my genius! Bwahaha, it's just a matter of time!

Are you still here? Right, you wanted to know about my research. It's actually very simple. I was just trying to invent a super liquid that can melt everything! Isn't it interesting? No matter how strong you are, you can't break apart stone or steel, but with my new liquid, you can melt those things, making them soft like putty!

It can't melt everything yet, but I did find that you could combine things that you could never mix before with my invention. I can make you a lot of new things you never would have imagined using this method... as long as you want it! The endorphins are rushing to my face at least 2.1 times faster than the usual rate! Ah! I'm so excited! I... I just can't hide it!"

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