Quest:Coward Mikhail

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Coward Mikhail
RO CowardMikhailQuest.jpg
A Moskovian house near the docks.
Prerequisites 1 Medicine Bowl, 6000 Zeny
Level none
Location Moskovia
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
Find the Moving Island none

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Help Gallina Ibanoff find her son, Mikhail.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Gallina: "Oh, where the heck is he? I'll teach him a lesson. He's timid like Dad."

Anna: "Mikhail, he's a coward, a crybaby. Mikhail, he's a coward, a crybaby."

Gallina: "It's because you didn't look after your brother. So you clean the house, Anna?"

Anna: "Oh, my.........."

[Talk to her.]

<player>: "Hello, there?"

Gallina: "Oh, God! I didn't see you there. Sorry! You want to buy a hotcake, don't you? I'm sorry, but we're not ready to open the store..."

<player>: "No, that's ok. Is there something that I can help with? What's the matter?"

Gallina: "Oh, well... My son, Mikhail, broke our Matrushka while I was away from home. He's afraid that I would punish him. So he ran away. How timid the boy is! I doubt that he'd be able to be a great general in the future.

He used to come home at this time. I'm worried that something bad has happened to him."

<player>: "You look anxious. I'd like to help you find your son."

Gallina: "Did you say anxious? I'm just anxious for him to get home... so I can punish him for what he did. But it's not good that I refuse your kindness. Will you find Mikhail for me?"

[Yes, I will!]

Gallina: "Oh, God, you're so kind. Mikhail is such a timid boy. I guess he didn't leave this village. Please bring him to me, then~""

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The 10 Sticky Herbs required for the quest cannot be collected beforehand. Also, the swamp will sometimes yield different herbs other than Sticky Herbs.
  • After completing the quest, talk with Larissa on the first floor, who will reward you with 5 Honey Pancakes and 5 Jam Pancakes.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Progress[edit | edit source]

"Mikhail, my timid son must still be in this village. I'm sorry if he's shy and timid like his father."

Completion[edit | edit source]

Gallina: "He came back with my Matrushka roughly pasted together and just left...

I'm sorry that I treated the little boy badly. He did his best in his own way."

<player>: "That's ok. You will be a sweet mom to your little boy. Haha."

Gallina: "Yes. I'm sure I will. Hoho...

Anna, my daughter made a mistake. She laid the blame on her brother alone. I'll punish her, too.

I appreciate your effort. You went to a dangerous place to find my son."

<player>: "It often happens to me, hehe."

Gallina: "I can't afford to reward you with much, but... I'll let you know how to make a delicious hotcake!

I have to work now, but Larissa will tell you about that. She's our maid... She's a really good cook.

Hotcakes of Moskovia are so delicious! Once you make it, I bet you that you'll love it.

Well, now I have to get to work! I'll make you my hotcakes someday. Please visit me later."

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