Dusting Off
RO FoodSupplyQuest
Inside the Bifrost Tower.
RO Newoz(quest)
RO Newoz(quest)
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Eclage
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
Food Supply Collecting Souvenirs


Continue helping Newoz.


"Of course, I'm lost because I have a poor sense of direction, but there's another reason for it, too!

You see those guys over there? I think they're stopping me from finding a way out for some reason."

[I don't see anything.]

"No, you have to see them carefully. Those dustballs over there are covering my eyes. And when I can't see clearly, I get sleepy and hungry..."

[I think that's just your imagination!]

"No, no, I'm sure they're stopping me. Get rid of them, please. Maybe just a couple of them? I have some lyrics coming to mind just now... so I should write them down..."



"Good job!

Now, let's enjoy the rest of—No! I mean, let's find a way out!

... But then, I feel like something's missing. I should bring some souvenirs since I'll probably never come here again, right? Actually... I feel my friends would just get mad at me if I go back empty-handed. I should bring some souvenirs to make them feel better. Is there anything I could use?"

[Loots from local monsters.]

"Loots from local monsters... Hmm, that sounds interesting! I'm sure they haven't made it here yet. So it's something new for them, too! Right? And it tells them where I've been so far. That's a good idea. Let's think about what to collect then."

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