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Enchant Tutorial
RO EnchantTutorialQuest.jpg
In the southwest corner of Izlude.
Start Enchanter Danpoong
End Enchanter Danpoong
Prerequisites 1 Cotton Shirt
Level none
Location Izlude
Rewards Skill
Previous Next
none none


Learn about Socket Enchantment and Hidden Enchantment from Danpoong and Seunpoong.


"Welcome. Welcome to the Enchant Association. I am Danpoong, head of the Izlude branch of the Enchant Association.

[Oh... a cat can speak???]

Have you never seen a talking cat? There is an island called Malangdo where only cats live and I am from there. There are cats like me who can speak the norman language very well, but some cats speaking norman and cat languages are a mess.

Well, you can check out Malangdo later. Are you interested in enchants?

[Enchant Association?]

The Enchant Association is a group made by those who can enchant. This association is composed of two divisions: the socket enchant division and the hidden enchant division. Maybe you are curious about each division?

[Questions finished.]

You don't have any further questions...

If you want to experience hidden enchanting or socket enchanting later, I will give you a hand. Come to me anytime."


  • On iRO, Danpoong is localized as Mounds while Seunpoong is localized as Almond J. However, the quest logs for this quest still refers to the characters by their original translated Korean names.
  • Be sure to wear the slotted Cotton Shirt when doing the hidden enchant.



"Eh? You came earlier than expected. I thought it might take some time after listening to all the explanations.

[Explain the situation.]

Keuh~~ It happened... I should've warned you that doing the hidden enchant makes big noise.

Anyway, I am sorry... Though it is short, I will explain for you. Have you checked the hidden enchant?

[Yes, I have.]

As you have checked it already, my explanation becomes easy. As I explained to you before, the hidden enchant is a process to insert a gem with a special effect into a weapon or armor. If you checked, you may have noticed something new was in the 3rd and 4th slots. Hidden enchants are processed with similar equipment as Seunpoong's. Of course, there are some other places to do the hidden enchants.

Now the enchant experience is over. Are you satisfied with it?


It is fortunate. Do you have any comments to add? If so, please write to me.

Thank you for your valuable advice. And thank you for your patience while listening to my boring explanations. This is a small gift, hoping for your continued support for our Enchant Association.

Then, I will see you later."

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