Fatal Blow
RO PlayDeadQuest
Inside the Prontera Chivalry.
Start RO LeonVonFrich
End RO LeonVonFrich
Prerequisites Must be a Swordsman, 1 Banana Juice, 10 Fire Arrows, 10 Silver Arrows, 30 Tentacles, 5 Royal Jelly
Level Job 30
Location Prontera
Rewards Skill
Previous Next
none none


Learn how to use Fatal Blow from Leon Von Frich.


"Ooh, a young and strong Swordsman!

Wow, seeing your arm, you must enjoy using Bash."

[Eh, I just...]

"Nothing to be embarrassed about. Even a woman needs a strong arm to use a sword! In these times of useless and lazy youngsters, I'm glad to meet someone strong like you. Yes, I would like to give a present to an awesome Swordsman like you."

[What present?]

"Ha ha, nothing special but a skill to attack a vital point! It's a skill I developed recently.

When you use Bash, depending on your level, your opponent can become stunned. You have learned Bash, haven't you? When I was a Swordsman like you, I used to enjoy using Bash. Every time, I thought 'maybe the attack would be more powerful if I could stun at the same time.' I withdrew from the battlefield to do research and finally, I developed this wonderful new skill! Would you like to learn this skill?"


"Okay, let's begin!"



"Success! Go use your new skill to its full potential.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

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