Former Glory
Start Kalain
End Kalain
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Elemento Academy
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
The Knight's Breakfast none


Talk to Kalain the Knight again.


"(Kalain is munching on the mushrooms and petals.)

Oh, come to think of it, did I ever tell you that I took part in the subjugation of the Freyjanity while I was with the Knightage? No?

(Starts eating another piece of mushroom.)

Now that was something. The best of the Prontera Knights on the continent attacked the Freyjanity base, the Laboratory. Hideous, undiscovered creatures and powerful Freyjanity Acolytes laid in wait for us...

Oh, not interested? Your boredom's written all over your face."



"It still makes my spine tingle just thinking about it. If only I could go back to those days, I'd be the leader of the Prontera Knights instead of Zeras.

(Finishes eating the mushrooms.)

That was a good meal!

What, you're still here? Go on! Academy students should be studying!

Oh, if you're drowsy and clueless, look at the World Map. Some almighty being upstairs will show you the way. Hahaha!"

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