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Ingredients for the Fatal Venom
Start Unions Window
End Secret Agent Crembel
Prerequisites none
Level 50
Location Unions Window
Rewards Union Points
Previous Next
none none


Collect Fatal Venom from Venomer in the Hell of Deadly Poison at the Divided Plain on HARD Mode and then report to Secret Agent Crembel in Fountain Town.


There is a monster called Venomer that carries a powerful poison in the Hell of Deadly Poison of the Divided Plain. Venomer's poison is a crucial ingredient in making the Fatal Venom we Dark Shadow agents use. Those who are free, head to the Hell of Deadly Poison and collect some Fatal Poison from the Venomers there.

Deliver the collected poison to Secret Agent Crembel at Fountain Town in the Divided Plains. Over and out.


  • This quest can be acquired again 48 hours after completion.



"Thank you for your hard work, for it was a difficult mission.

Fatal Venom is a crucial item for us, the Dark Shadow, but the ingredients are not easy to come by.

Good job. I'll be asking for your help again soon."

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