Issues of the Kingdom
Start Cred Hollgrehenn
End Zeras Hyperion
Prerequisites none
Level 9
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Money, Gear
Previous Next
Resolute Position To the South Plains


Return to Knight Commander Zeras Hyperion.


"I don't have anything to call information. I have some leads, but there's no jackpot. You know, like a foggy memory from your childhood…….

Anyway, you're an Elemento graduate, right? You may not have heard the news from such a lone place, but the Freyjanity have appeared all around the kingdom and are terrorizing the people. Sir Hyperion and I are desperate in driving them away as soon as possible, but the soft-liners of the Palace want to see how the events would unfold.

And their representative is Marquise Anailuj, the one favored by the King……. I have nothing to give, so go and tell Hans……, No, just go straight to Zeras, it will go through to him anyway."



"Tell Sir Zeras that we need to watch how the situation unfolds. Please tell him not to take action on his own account…… Which I'm sure he will."



Must we wait longer…….

Well, if it's Marquise Lissur, the King won't decide so easily……."

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