Quest:Kiel Hyre Academy

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Kiel Hyre Academy
RO JunoPub.jpg
The pub in Juno.
Kiel Hyre
Prerequisites 7 Milk, 5 Cacao, 2 Cheese, 1 Pet Food
Level 70
Location Juno
Rewards Experience, Items, Dungeon Access
Previous Next
none Kiel Hyre Academy

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Deliver Culinary Wine to a Ms. Lecollane at the Kiel Hyre Academy.

Summary[edit | edit source]

""Arrrggghhh... This can't be good... This isn't good at all! What am I supposed to do?

Hi there, welcome to my pub. So what would you like to have?"

[You look worried, what's up?]

"Oh, did you overhear? I'm sorry, its just that one of my employees had an accident and was pretty hurt, so I have nobody that can deliver this merchandise. I have an urgent order that I need to send to the Kiel Hyre Academy, but I can't find anyone that's available for this kind of temporary job."

[Do you want me to help you?]

"Really? That's great! But first, I think it's fair to tell you that this job may not be as simple as you'd think. I expect you to complete the delivery, no matter what."

[Sure, I'll do it!]

"I'm glad to hear that. Well then, please take this bottle of culinary wine to Mrs. Lecollane in the Kiel Hyre Academy. I'll pay you once you finish the job, okay?"

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Progress[edit | edit source]

"Please deliver that bottle of wine I gave you to Mrs. Lecollane, who should be inside the Kiel Hyre Academy. Hurry and get it to her before she can complain about the delivery."

Completion[edit | edit source]

"Ah, I almost forgot. Please take this as a little reward for saving my life.

If you don't have any questions for me, then would you please let me rest? I'm still not feeling well from the time I was locked up in the factory."

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