Klitzer and Calla
RO KlitzerAndCallaQuest
The Kappellthaine Manor in Einbroch.
RO Calla
RO Klitzer
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Einbroch
Rewards Experience
Previous Next
none Klitzer and Calla


Connect two lovebirds, Calla and Klitzer.


"Hello, adventurer. Our city must be another place where you'll stay no longer than a few days. You must have so much freedom. I envy you. I can't do what I want to do. I don't even have the courage to tell my family what I really want, much less change things here...

What is it like? Going wherever you please, following your heart's true desire? What I would give to be able to do that..."


  • If you are spotted by her father Megass, (he's right inside the door) you will be thrown out, so stay along the left wall.
  • If you get caught by Calla's father while holding her Violin[3], you will lose almost all of your HP and get the Violin[3] taken from you. Don't worry, just sneak back into the house like before and Calla will give you her Violin[3] again.



  • Level 1-40 = 742 Base EXP
  • Level 41-60 = 1,485 Base EXP
  • Level 61-70 = 2,970 Base EXP
  • Level 71-80 = 5,940 Base EXP
  • Level 81-90 200,000 Base EXP
  • Level 91-99 300,000 Base EXP


"What brings you here? Aren't you tired of hearing me moan and whine about lost love? (siiiiigh...)

Hey, this violin... Calla used to play such beautiful music on this for me. Did she give this to you?

I see. Calla must have known that I'm all broken up right now. She's too good to me. How can she consider my feelings before thinking about herself?

I know I'm being shameless, but I have a favor to ask. Adventurer, would you please send Calla a present for me? All you need to do is just give her 1 Flower. I don't have the zeny and I don't think I'm welcome at Kapellthaine Manor.

Here, in return, I'll give you this health massage. It's not a big deal, but when I'm done, your mind and body will be refreshed. Here goes!

(knead knead)

(rub rub rub rub)

(press press press)


[Oh-- Hell yeah! That's the stuff!]"

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