Klitzer and Calla
RO KlitzerAndCallaQuest2
A house in Einbech.
RO Klitzer
RO Calla
Prerequisites 1 Flower, 40 Coal, 1 Tuxedo
Level none
Location Einbroch
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
Klitzer and Calla none


Help bring the two lovebirds, Calla and Klitzer, together.


"Would you please bring 1 Flower to Calla for me? I'm sorry for troubling you..."



  • Level 1-40 = 742 Base EXP
  • Level 41-60 = 1,485 Base EXP
  • Level 61-70 = 2,970 Base EXP
  • Level 71-80 = 5,940 Base EXP
  • Level 81-90 = 20,000 Base EXP
  • Level 91-99 = 30,000 Base EXP


  • Random Level 4 Weapon Ore


"I just heard from my mother that she's plannint to have tea with Klitzer! I'm sure that I have you to thank for this~

I never dreamed that something as wonderful as this could happen. I'm so happy, I could cry...

I'll always be grateful for what you've done. I feel like such a fool, thinking it was all hopeless. I'll be doing my best to have my parents accept Klitzer and someday we'll be married~

There isn't much that I can give you, but I can show you one of my family's secrets. It's an invigorating massage technique that makes you a lot healthier in only ten seconds.

Well, please take off your equipment and stand still while I give the massage. It might hurt a bit at first...

(Rub Rub Rub)
(Knead Knead Knead)
(Crrack C-c-c--c-crack)
(Crack Crack Crrrrrrack)
(Rub Crrraaaaaaaaaack)

[Oooooooooh... I feel sooo sore and yet sooooooo good. Wait. Now I just feel gooooood~]

So how was it? I hope it was refreshing. Please understand that it's the best I can give you to show my gratitude.

Once again, thank you so much, <name>. I'll always pray for your safety on your adventures~"

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