Lost Adventurers
RO LaphinesThatLoveTheLandQuest
Somewhere in the Blooming Flower Land.
RO Fili
RO Fili
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Eclage
Rewards Experience, Items
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Laphines That Love the Land Food Supply


Help out Fili again.


"Do you see the tower here? I don't nkow when it was built or who built it, but I heard it's been here since forever. We're trying to stop travelers from going into the tower since there are monsters inside. But you know travelers... they want to go even more if it's dangerous.

Three adventurers went into the tower recently. I'm not sure if they're still alive...

I should have tried harder to stop them. Could you go check to see if they're safe and sound?"

[I'll do it! I'm an adventurer, too!]

"Good. There are three adventurers in the tower right now. The first adventurer went inside just now. He's pretty young and I gave him a good scolding. You'll find him in just a few minutes. The second adventurer seemed like an uptight lady. I wonder how she's doing. The third adventurer is the problem here. I don't know what he's doing, but he's been inside for about a month now. He said proudly that he'll be out in a second and took his instrument to make a song inside the tower. But I haven't heard from him since then. Please look for him."


In Progress

"Are the adventurers doing okay? Don't forget to check all three of them."


"Thank goodness they're all okay. What a relief. But did they tell you when they'll be out?"


"Hmm... I can't just ignore them, though..."

[The adventurer on the third floor is starving!]

"Seriously... I can't believe they're an adventurer. Would you mind giving them some food if you have any?

Let's see... this is all I've got. It's not much, but hopefully it'll help them.

I should start checking their safety regularly. Stop by again later, please."

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