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Magic Orb
Start Unions Window
End Lucy Amliss
Prerequisites none
Level 50
Location Unions Window
Rewards Union Points
Previous Next
none none


Collect the Magic Energy from the large Purple Orb near the Eastern mine in the east part of South Plain and deliver it to Flame Lucy Amliss at the Prontera Palace.


Ah, this is Lucy. Flame Lucy. I have a request for you to get me something I need.

Do you know the Eastern mine in the South Plains? I have information that there is a mysterious large Purple Orb installed there. They say it was put there by the Freyjanity when they fled. I think it is emitting magic energy that makes the Afanc crazy, making them attack normans. I need to know the details of the orb, so I need your help.

Investigate the large Purple Orb and get me something called the Magic Energy. When you're done, just bring it to me. Where am I? What, you really don't know? Prontera Palace, right next to the King himself is me! Flame Lucy!


  • This quest can be acquired again 6 hours after completion.



"So this is from that orb?

Hmm……. This feels like……. The same energy that flows from within Vanaheim…….

I need some more samples. Good work!"

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