Master Miller's Letter
RO MasterMillersLetterQuest
Inside the Gunslinger Guild HQ.
RO MasterMiller
RO MasterMiller
Prerequisites Must be a Novice, 1 Trunk, 1 Green Herb, 3 Mushroom Spore, 1 Milk
Level Job Level 10
Location Einbroch
Rewards Job change to Gunslinger
Previous Next
none Gunslinger Basic Training
Job Change to Rebel


Advance from a Novice to a Gunslinger.


"I'm Miller, a full-time Gunslinger drillmaster and full-time guardian of Lady Selena. Now, what do you need? If it's not important, then I can't make time for you."

[I want to be a Gunslinger.]

"Hmm. You're pretty young, but your eyes tell me that you're pretty ambitious. You'll need to pass our interview and educational course to become a Gunslinger. Do you want to apply for the job?"


"Great, great. Alright then, let's get you started. Take this letter to Mr. Wise Bull Horn in Payon. He's a shaman that will judge whether or not you qualify to be a Gunslinger."


  • A simple way of getting to the Einbroch tower is to:
    • Ask the Merchant Guide in the novice training grounds to go become a merchant.
    • Leave the merchant guild and find a ninja behind a house next door to the merchant guild, and tell him you're on the path of patience, and he will take you to Amatsu.
    • In the middle of the island is an empty house, go inside and find the fake wall, find the ninja job change NPC. He will send you on a quest and if you talk to him again he gives you a warp straight to Einbroch, you'll be standing right in front of Master Miller. Take his quest then continue on with his quest.
  • Do not follow the quest window, it is incorrect. You must listen to what Wise Bull Horn will ask for.



"Oh, you've brought a voucher from Wise Bull Horn? It's been a while since he's given one to anybody so I'm really proud of you! If Wise Bull Horn approves, then I have no reason to reject you. Alright then, I'll promote you to a Gunslinger.

But first, let me explain our job in more detail. As a Gunslinger, you must keep your gun with you at all times. The Gunslinger Guild keeps track of every gun and bullet, so you can only get them from our guildmembers.

Don't worry, Gunslinger guildsmen can be found almost anywhere these days. Anyway, it has to be this way by order of our guildleader Lady Selena. You might get the chance to meet her one of these days.

Anyway, just know that we have to regulate gun and bullet sales to keep them away from evil or irresponsible folk. In any case, it's always a pleasure for me to talk to another Gunslinger, so let's keep in touch. May the power of the earth protect you in all of your adventures."

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