Material Supply
RO MaterialSupplyQuest
The sushi bar in Amatsu.
RO Magumagu
RO Magumagu
Prerequisites 10 Candy, 10 Crab Shell, 10 Conch, 10 Fish Tail, 1 China, 300 Heart of Mermaid
Level none
Location Amatsu
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
none none


Help Sushi Master Magumagu get ingredients for his sushi bar.


"Holy cow~ This is a problem...

There are so many customers, but I can't get all the ingredients that I need...

This is horrible... Some of my customers will not get the chance to eat fine Amatsu cuisine...

Well, well. Are you a customer? Welcome. As always, my shop highly values the freshness of fresh slices. What brings you down here...?

[Do you need assistance?]

Some help would be great~!! I was worried because we always run out of ingredients...

Will you do me a favor? I will reward you."


  • Do not bring more items than he requests. If you have 50 Candy in your inventory he will take all of them. However, it will only count towards the 10 he originally asked for.
  • It has been reported that the Heart of Mermaid is only requested very rarely; users often report getting thousands of Sushi from him without being asked for the Heart of Mermaid once.
  • This quest is repeatable.



Varies with ingredient requests.

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