Mr. Shendar's Daughter
RO KatinshuellsHouse
Katinshuell's house in Rael.
RO Katinshuell
RO Grandma
Prerequisites 1 Knife[3]
Level Base Level 50+
Location Rael
Rewards Experience
Previous Next
Friendship none


Solve the mystery of Katinshuell's anguish.


"You're an adventurer so I don't think you'd understand how difficult it is to live a quiet, peaceful life. When you've lived through certain things, it's tough.

I don't need any more excitement in my life. I just want to live quietly, away from other people, and to be left alone for some semblance of peace.

When you're busy, you're distracted. But even if I'm left all alone, these thoughts of mine never cease to haunt me."


  • This quest will require you to have a Knife[3] in your inventory at one point. You should have recieved this item while doing the Friendship quest. If you sold/lost that item, you can buy another and this quest will accept it.


  • Level 50-75 = 45,000 EXP
  • Level 76-90 = 85,000 EXP
  • Level 91-99 = 130,000 EXP


"When you get to be my age, you'll cherish all of your memories, even if the experience was hurtful when it actually happened.

Your memories are part of who you are and what makes you unique. I can appreciate living the life that I have, even if it's not particularly special."

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