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Ore Downgrading
RO OreDowngradingQuest.jpg
The shaman's hut in Umbala.
Left Skull
Prerequisites 1 Mr. Smile, 1 Blue Gemstone, 1 Red Gemstone
Level none
Location Umbala
Rewards Items
Previous Next
Umbala Language none


Unlock the ore downgrading service provided by the shaman of Umbala.


A Norman skull disturbingly hangs beside the door. The door is locked tight, so you can't get in. As you peer through the keyhole, you can see somebody moving inside the room.

[Examine the skull.]

You see that the eye sockets of the skull are empty. How peculiar... It seems that Gemstones would fit perfectly inside of them.

You see the left eye socket of the skull. What do you want to do?


  • The Mr. Smile mask will be taken so be sure to make an extra one if you don't want to lose your only one.



"I've heard from the chief that he has given you his approval...

Although I do not like this, I will keep my promise. But it's your call if you really need my help or not.

My power allows me to create rough enchanted stones and to divide a pure enchanted stone into rough ones. So I may be able to help you in this way.

So come and speak to me when you think my power may be of service to you."

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  • Patch (2018 Apr. 18)
    • Utan Shaman Puchuchartan for the Umbala quest will now have her stone production reduced to a maximum of 5 stones.