Quest:Purification Ritual

Purification Ritual

Start Unions Window
End High Priest Edwin
Prerequisites none
Level 50
Location Unions Window
Rewards Union Points
Previous Next
none none


Investigate the 4 kinds of 'Rune Headstones' at the Payon Ruins in southeast Payon Forest to enhance the barrier, then report to High Priest Edwin in the Prontera Cathedral.


Evil spirits appear endlessly in the Payon Ruins. The Crusaders, the sword of Odin, are doing their best to fend them off in such harsh conditions, but they are burdened with a powerful enemy. I would like our priests to help them out.

Within the Payon Ruins, there are four Rune Headstones we placed earlier on. They are there to prevent the evil spirits from going into a frenzy. However, since the energy of the place is so powerful, we must pour some holy power into them from time to time. I would like our priests to go there and inject their holy powers into these 4 Rune Headstones.

When you are done, report to me, High Priest Edwin, in the Prontera Cathedral.


  • This quest can be acquired again 12 hours after completion.



"You've completed the task at the ruins?

Well done. That place is difficult to reach for young priests because of it's evil energy. I am glad that there is a skilled person within our brotherhood. May Odin's blessing be with you always……."

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