Qualifications of a Knight
Start Hans Rapad
End Zeras Hyperion
Prerequisites none
Level 25
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
Wild Q-Pang none


Open the box to acquire the item inside and talk to Zeras Hyperion.


"Huh? What's that you say? You couldn't take the test because of an incident?

Chuckle, That's what you think.

People tend to think that a Knight's job is to protect the kingdom under the King's orders, but that's only half correct. Being a knight is not only to protect the kingdom, but is to become a shield of the people of the kingdom. Thus, the Prontera's Knight test is to acquire a shield as a symbol and promise that one will become the shield of the people and the kingdom.

The content of the box you gave me. Look!"


  • Notice: If you want to become a Knight, talk to Reord and press the Change Job button at the bottom.



"The content of the box you gave me. Look!"


"The knight test of the Prontera Knights has no designated form. When an apprentice knight is ready to become a knight, they are tested privately. Of course, the tested does not know they're being tested.

Your test had already begun when you met Reord and helped the merchant. You protected and helped others without official order without thinking about approval or reward, which some value the most. Naturally, you obtained the Knight's Shield without realizing it. This attitude of yours is enough to prove your qualification as a knight.

Reord is waiting for you. Talk to him and you'll be registered as an official knight."

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