Rael Sanctuary
RO Sessrumnir3
The doors to Sessrumnir's inner temple.
RO Nemma
RO Nemma
Prerequisites 20 Firecrackers
Level Base level 60+
Location Rael
Rewards Experience
Previous Next
Stolen Gemstone Recommendation from High Priest Zhed


Help unlock the temple's auto-lock mechanism and get firecrackers for Nemma.


"Hello, there!

Um, for some reason, the temple gate hasn't opened yet. But it should be open now. Well, this happens sometimes, so...

See, there's this auto-locking system that was added to the gate when this temple was built, but now it's more of an annoyance than security. Every time someone messes with the lock, or if it breaks, we have to wait until it resets itself before it works again. No one can fix it really quickly, you know.

(sniff) What should I do? The auto-reset never takes this long and I really need to go inside. (sob) P-Panno! Panno, I neeeed heeeeelp~!"


  • In order to continue on to the next portion of this quest, the Stolen Gemstone quest has to be done in tandem with this quest. It does not matter what order the quests are done in, as long as both this portion and the Stolen Gemstone quest are completed.


  • 75,000 Base EXP


"Hey, did you bring me 20 Firecrackers? Mmm? Let's see...

Yay! Firecrackers! Oh, let me pray for your good fortune!

Priestess Nemma prays fervently for your good fortune. It feels like it's actually working...

I'm done! Now it's time to play! Hm, maybe our pope would like to see these, too?"

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