Rampaging Box
RO RampagingBoxQuest
Somewhere in the Flame Basin base camp.
RO Heslanta
RO Heslanta
Prerequisites 10 Bradium Boxes
Level 140
Location Flame Basin
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
Secret Order From Doha none


Hunt down Angry Mimics.


"Long time, no see. Do you remember me? We had an important discussion together back in the Diel."

[Why are you here?]

"I persuaded the Elders to let me bring an army here. As you suspected, Ahat isn't a Sapha. But only I'm aware of that knowledge at the moment. Everyone else has pretty much forgotten he ever existed. My undying suspicion about him must have kept me safe from Ahat's hypnosis. He used his silent talent to disappear.

After he disappeared, I persuaded the Elders that we must join the subjugation of the Demon God. Other Saphas were against me for the safety of our kind, but it's in our nature to help our friends at all costs. So I've brought our bravest Galtuns to the battlefield.

Long story short, you no longer work for Ahat. If you need certificates of contribution, do me a favor later and I'll give you one.

You know Cheshire, don't you? When it comes to him, I feel I can't trust anyone. I want to collect information about him first before I proceed with my plan. Please stay safe until I talk to you again."



"I was right. It's amazing how such an object can move on its own. It must be enchanted, don't you think?

This confirms my suspicions: those boxes in the Flame Basin are Bradium Boxes from El Dicastes. I don't want to impose on your kindness, but I hope you'll continue to hunt these boxes. You're the only one I can trust with this, at least for now.

Galtuns are brave, but they'll want to understand why Bradium Boxes are found in this place. Then I'll have to tell them everything, starting with Ahat, but the fact that most Saphas have forgotten about him will make things really complicated."

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