Real Culprit
Start Faolo
End Roselle
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Elemento Academy
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
The Escape from Trauma Real Culprit


Go out of the cave and find Roselle.


"Ah, yes! I found this while fighting with assailants. It looks like some kind of order...

It says, 'you can disrupt the mind of the people using the orb. Use it to make the cadets obey.'

But the strange thing is that there's a name of the person who gave that order and it's the same as our Combat Professor's name! Professor Fritz!

I want to believe it's not him, but it's suspicious. Didn't you say Professor Fritz is protecting Roselle outside the cave?

Hurry and check on Roselle. If Professor Fritz really has connections with the assailants, Roselle might be in danger!"



"<name>!! Are you alright? Nothing happened?

There was a shocking incident while you were gone in the cave. The dean and the other cadets rushed in and... Professor Fritz...!!"

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