RO RedemptioQuest
Inside the Prontera Sanctuary.
Start RO SisterLinus
End RO SisterLinus
Prerequisites Must be a Priest with Resurrection Lv. 1, 30 Holy Water, 20 Blue Gemstones
Level Job 40
Location Prontera
Rewards Skill
Previous Next
none none


Learn how to use Redemptio from Sister Linus.


"Oh, hello~ How are you doing today?"

[Please teach me Redemptio.]

"Ooh, Redemptio would be a good skill for you to learn~ It's difficult to cast, but when you succeed, you can revive all of your defeated party members.

Of course, the drawback is that you must sacrifice your own life in order to use the skill. Now, to learn Redemptio, you must first learn Level 1 Resurrection. Ah, you must also bring me 30 Holy Waters and 20 Blue Gemstones so you can attempt to learn the skill. Um, but if you fail to learn Redemptio, you'll lose 1 Holy Water and 1 Blue Gemstone and you'll have to try again..."


  • The chance of succeeding to learn Redemptio is random and each attempt uses 1 Holy Water and 1 Blue Gemstone. Once you succeed, you'll have learned the skill.



"If you want to try to learn Redemptio, please bring 20 Blue Gemstones and 30 Holy Waters. Ah, and you need to learn Level 1 Resurrection beforehand."


"Ooh, it seems like you've brought everything that you need to learn Redemptio.

Are you ready to try? If you fail, you'll lose 1 Holy Water and 1 Blue Gemstone, okay?

Now, please concentrate and repeat this special prayer after me:

Oh holy and venerable one, we pray to you. Please show us your mercy and guide us with your light. Give us the strength to walk the path of love and sacrifice. Redemptio!

Congratulations! You've successfully learned Redemptio! Please remember to only use this skill in the most critical situations."

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