Rin's Request
RO RingOfTheWiseKingQuest
In the Midgard Alliance Camp.
RO Signpost
RO Pinedel
Prerequisites none
Level 70
Location Midgard Allied Forces Post
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
Messenger none


Hunt down a Runaway Dandelion per Rin's request.


Wanted: Dandelion
Requester: Rin
Reward: Treasure Box
Notice: We thought that the entire Dandelion gang was terminated. But they weren't. I heard that there was a Dandelion's black clothing found in Ash Vacuum. There were some problems. I need someone to find the Dandelion member and terminate them. I can provide a treasure box that I cherish. I've heard a rumor that he's in a cave somewhere.

P.S. They have a bad reputation. So you might not want to go alone.

P.P.S. I can't reward you directly. Pinedel will reward you once the deed is done.

Do you accept Rin's request?

[I accept that request.]

I accepted Rin's request.



"Ah, Taab isn't flexible at all.

Hey there! What's up??"

[Notice for criminal report.]

"Have you hunted the runaway Dandelion member?

Okay, I accept you. Here's something Rin was storing here. This is Rin's cherished treasure box...

This is enough payment, right?"

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