Saintess' Prayer of Thanks
Start Blood Priestess Tany
End Saintess Aione Oakley
Prerequisites none
Level 25
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
Help from a Holy One Saintess' Prayer of Thanks


Meet Aione Oakley the Saintess at the Memorial Monument at the end of the east Prontera bridge.


"Right. What I’m about to ask of you is very important. It’s to support The Saintess’s Prayer of Thanks.

It’s not difficult, but it is a holy privilege given only to those who serve the Odin Orthodoxy. The Saintess is at the east Prontera bridge, at the Memorial Monument at the end of the bridge where you are able to see the east sea. Her escorts usually go with her, but they were too busy to go with her today.

… I trust you will do your task without endangering the safety of the Saintess."


  • 200 Base EXP
  • 400 Rupi


"The Saintess is at the end of the east Prontera bridge…….

She'll be praying at the Memorial Monument there."


"Oh, <name>? What brings you here?

Oh……. So Priest Tany sent you.

(giggle) I leave it to you then, my guardian angel."

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