Secret in the Woods
RO SecretInTheWoods
Somewhere around Port Malaya.
RO MalayaGuard
RO GuardLeader
Prerequisites 1 Green Potion, 10 Collected Samples
Level 100
Location Malaya
Rewards Experience, Items, Dungeon Access
Previous Next
Cautious Village none


Investigate why people have been secretly leaving the village.


"There are more people leaving the village secretly these days. Are you also heading for the woods to look for the mysterious treasure? Is that why there are more outsiders here these days?

Now don't be sneaky and a know-it-all. How would you know if I'd offer to take you around?"


"Oh, so you aren't here to look for treasure? I hear people are talking about a mysterious treasure hidden deep in the woods.

Do you see that group of people over there? They always gather and talk about the treasure every day. Try talking to them if you are interested, too."


  • This quest is repeatable.



"The guard leader gave me the location of Buwaya's Cave. This can't be happening. I'm way out of men to assign to the Buwaya situation, but we'll have to do something with what we've got.

Here, this is a symbol of our gratitude. If you would like to help with Buwaya again, please look for me. Hope you have a great journey."

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