Shouldn't Everybody Have a Fur Coat?
Start Berta Delta List Board
End Tenpra
Prerequisites none
Level 39
Location Delta Town
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
none none


Collect the rarely dropped Ultra Rare Fur from Fur Seals, Alruses or Nerupas at the Coast of Berta Delta. Go to Tenpra of Delta Town when you're done.


Client : Tenpra

I went to a reunion recently and a friend of mine came boasting, wearing a very expensive looking fur coat. My pride as village head was in shambles and I couldn't even sleep when I came home.

So I was thinking… This… This fur coat. Could you get some fur so that I can make myself one? Not an ordinary one, but something really difficult to get. Chuckle.

Oh, and this is between just you and me.


  • This is a repeatable quest.



Additional Request Information : Perhaps you can get something from the Fur Seals at the coast?


"You did something marvelous. I have never seen such quality fur in my entire life! Ha ha, thanks, thanks a lot!

But this seems not enough to make a coat……. I'll try and if I need more, I will call for help again! Chuckle!"

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