Spiritual Bestowment
RO SpiritualBestowmentQuest
Within the St. Capitolina Abbey grounds.
Start RO ApprenticeMonk
End RO ApprenticeMonk
Prerequisites Must be a Monk
Level none
Location Prontera
Rewards Skill
Previous Next
none Excruciating Palm


Learn how to use Spiritual Bestowment from an Apprentice Monk.


"Fighting is meaningless. Transcend conflict and differences through the realization that all are one. Discipline your mind and the truth will be revealed.

Hmm? For what purpose have you come to visit me?

Ah, so you wish to learn the skill that I have developed. My colleague was right; more and more people have been wanting to learn this.

Do not misunderstand me. It is true that power and justice, wisdom and action, must be balanced. However, I have been visited by too many power-hungry, bloodthirsty people.

In all fairness, I should give you a chance. Prove to me that you would use the skills I teach you for peace and justice. Prove that you are free from selfishness."



"Have you learned the meaning of selflessness? When you abandon greed and the desires of the world, you will be ready for my teaching."


"It is done. You are now capable of using Spiritual Bestowment.

Ah yes. I've never really named this skill, but that is what it is usually called by other Monks that have seen it.

Remember that this skill has a long cast time and skill delay, so use it very carefully. This skill will let you give a spirit sphere to one of your party members by consuming 40 spell points. You will better understand the use of this skill if you practice.

Keep in mind that fighting may be necessary at times, but it is a means to an end and not an end in of itself. Our skills should not be used to shed blood. If you can transcend conflict, you will know that fighting has no worth, no value.

Peace be with you, my friend."

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